Abstract the Novorossiysk

Tools are made from

stone, bone wood. Then people learned and copper.

It took many centuries. In the distant Egypt in 2600 BC

constructed the pyramid of Cheops, the largest pyramid of Ancient Egypt.

It was difficult to imagine how the ancient people did not have

modern technology could build out of multi-ton stone blocks

enormous edifices. The pyramids are considered one of the seven wonders of the world.

Few people know that at the same time in the North Caucasus the local tribes

of huge stoves built no less amazing structures dolmens.

Dolmens are known in the area of Novorossiysk. Their remains have been preserved in

the upper reaches of the river Ozereyka. At the end of last century, the dolmens were in the village

Gaiduk. In 50-ies of our century were defeated on the stone dolmens on

Guzeevoy mountain, and in ten years when trenching vineyards demolished

The classic variant of the dolmen is a “house” of 4 plates – the walls and roof.

Can be floor plate, backup-controversy and different annexes. Camera

dolmens trapezoidal or rectangular, rarely circular shape. Dolmens

can be collected from the individual blocks or entirely cut out of a huge

the stone blocks.

The plate is usually treated, carefully fitted to each other. In places

the pair of plates have grooves. On some tombs carved ornament, on

the front plates are embossed image.

The dolmens are located on the tops of ridges, in valleys, on ridges, on

individually, in small groups in several buildings, whole towns with

dozen buildings. In the upper reaches of the Ozereyka investigated a complex of three

dolmens, prisoners in the tower in plan form, built of huge stones.

Often on dolmens was poured mound. In one of the walls there was usually

the hole, which closed with a stone stopper. The dolmens are ceramic

utensils, stone and bronze tools, weapons, ornaments. Tomb

was used for burial of many peoples who before burial

was recovered from the dolmens to the remains of their predecessors. So find

the early dolmen with undisturbed burial is almost impossible. Of course,

not all the deceased were buried in dolmens. Known burial places of that time in

ground pits or in simpler tombs. And where people lived in

time? At Myskhako investigated the settlement era of the construction of dolmens.

The findings allow us to judge the practice and culture of the population.

The well-known dolmens in the world from Britain to India. Basically, they

meet in seaside countries.

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