All the bridges of the world

Bridges trace their history back to ancient times. In the old days – it was just the primitive tools in kind of a log, thrown across small water barriers. Further, in the era of the slave system began to appear the first stone bridges. The most advanced in this building were the ancient Romans. During construction they have already used the cement, the secret of which was initially forgotten, but in the middle ages resumed. In the Roman Empire for the supply of towns water used aqueducts, which was a great progress and confirmation of the greatness of the Empire. By the way, the bridges built by Roman builders use nowadays.

By the Chronicles of the times of the X century the Slavs used in the construction of bridges mainly wood and not stone.

In the twelfth century appears the first floating bridge in Kiev, and the Incas up with hanging rope bridges.

But every era and every century was struck by the architecture of its bridges. Some of them are considered outstanding works of architectural art and engineering. Bridges built in various styles, sizes, shapes and designs. There are even bridges created by nature. Of course not all of these bridges you can walk or drive, but it is a curious and exciting spectacle.

Now a little theory. A bridge is a structure that ensures implementation of a road through any obstacles, for example, river channels, gullies,bays, or via other roads. The design of the bridge supports (their construction is the most expensive step in the construction), and superstructure.

The bridge, consisting of a movable spans for the passage of ships called floating or lifting.

Bridge with floating supports called floating. The most important kind of floating bridge is a pontoon bridge.

The bridges are divided into:

-according to the materials of the superstructure on stone, wood, metal, rope, concrete and reinforced concrete;

according to the system bridge superstructure – arch, beam, suspension, cable-stayed, framed and combined;

-by appointment – at the railway, road haulage, walking, underground bridges, as well as combined;

-the number of spans – single span, double-span, etc.;

-in terms of service – permanent and temporary.

The bridges typically include the overpasses (bridges over the road), viaducts ( bridges over the gorge or ravine), aqueducts (bridges for water supply), pipeline bridges.

In the world there are a huge number of bridges. Among them are the most famous in a particular direction :

The Palace bridge in Russia’s visiting card and the symbol of St. Petersburg.

Great stone bridge in Russia is one of the oldest bridges in the country.

The Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence is the oldest stone bridge in the world.

Bridge the Millo in France is the largest suspension bridge in the world.

The Erasmus bridge in the Netherlands – has the original bearing design in the form of a Swan and a bold design, the longest swing bridge in the world.

The Golden Gate bridge in USA – the most famous in America, is a very popular place for suicides.

Charles bridge in the Czech Republic – built in Baroque and Gothic style, is the hallmark of the country.

Tower bridge in the UK is the most recognizable, largest and most technically complex razvodnye the peace bridge.

The Magdeburg Water bridge in Germany – the longest water bridge connects two important channels: the channel Elbe – Havel and Mittelland canal.

Brooklyn bridge in USA – the oldest bridge of the world, which hangs on steel cables, the legendary bridge that connects Brooklyn and Manhattan, filmed in many movies and is depicted on millions of postcards.

The bridge Vasco da Gama in Portugal is the longest bridge in Europe.

Bridge Fort in Scotland – the first cantilever bridge in the world and the first steel in England.

The Hajj bridge in Iran — the oldest in the East, and functions as water and like a dam.

Bridge Akashi-Kanev in Japan is the longest suspension bridge in the world.

The bridge of Rio-antirio bridge-the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world, is located in Greece.

The bridge-Fountain Bango in Korea – one of the stunning in the world thanks to the fountain “moonlight road” that comes up from both sides of the bridge like a waterfall.

Of course, now in our high-tech time, the construction of bridges is constantly being improved, and many more will be built bridges of the future – the most ambitious, grandiose, ambitious and incredibly beautiful!

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