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Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. It remains in everyone’s heart, who has ever seen its amazing palaces, magnificent churches and lovely houses with bright orange roofs and colorful facades. Among the recognized architectural masterpieces, elegant palaces and majestic temples had been preserved entire blocks of old houses that are imbued with the spirit of medieval Europe. Once you have tried the local beer with a lush foam cap and eating roasted pork knuckle, you always fall in love with this city.

Sightseeing tour of Prague “Old Town – Museum under the open sky” . The route of the tour: Wenceslas square , old town square and the town Hall, the famous astronomical clock, Tyn Cathedral, St. Nicolas Church, Paris street, Jewish quarter, Kafka’s house.Among the recognized architectural masterpieces, elegant palaces and magnificent churches of Prague have preserved entire blocks of old houses that are imbued with the spirit of medieval Europe. You will walk through the streets of the Jewish quarter, where the old synagogue and town hall, and old Jewish cemetery. Then You get to the old town square , which is the town Hall tower with the famous Astronomical clock. And finally, You will take a walk on the beautiful Charles bridge where street musicians and colorful souvenir shops create a unique fun atmosphere.

Astronomical clock or Priscillas – unique mechanism, mounted in the wall of the tower of the Old town municipality in the early fifteenth century and is a symbol of Prague. Orloj – it is a small planetarium that displays the current state of the Universe, the position of the Sun, moon and pole star, Zodiac signs, shows the European average and old Czech time. The authors of the wonderful mechanism – the clockmaker mikuláš of kadaň and Jan Sindel, Professor of mathematics and astronomy. Watches are a favorite attraction of locals, to see this miracle come from different corners of Europe.

Free time. For those who wish, a lunch in a national restaurant (about 15 euros).

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