Gothic stained glass

If You have chosen a Gothic style. this choice is not random. Gothic stained glass is immersed in an eternal space. Shimmering and cobalt purple glass, inserted in a lead frame, fills the room with mystery of the middle ages.

The style is Gothic – the true crown of the middle ages, it is bright colors, gilding, soaring into the sky with the barbed needles of the towers, Symphony of light, stone and glass.

Gothic stained glass has remained a cult on purpose and religious topics. Multicolored radiance of Gothic stained glass had a strong emotional impact on the congregation.

These elements of the interior appeared in the epoch of aristocratic, and imbued with the spirit of Gothic chivalry.

Stained glass Windows in the Gothic style is the result of a period of deep religiosity and symbolic thinking of the middle ages Europe. Full of subtle sense, the characters sharply delineated in the architecture of the time, and the Gothic stained glass for the best visual demonstration. Italy, Holland, Switzerland, great Britain, Czechoslovakia – in all of these countries lived and worked medieval artists who left the world masterpieces of survivors and authors, and the era.

Stained glass Windows in the Gothic style was not only spiritual but also practical sense. The fact that the architecture of the period valued dense arrangement of Windows. In fact the walls were only connecting links between multiple Windows in the cathedrals, churches, public buildings.

From Sabile the Windows of the different configuration and shape in the space penetrated too much light.

Artistic images on the glass were designed to fold back, creating at the same time, the play of light and shadows.

Perfectly coped with its task, the stained glass Windows made in the Gothic special aesthetics, its own distinctive and sophisticated charm.

Images of religious scenes and great people, originally appeared in Catholic cathedrals, were much appreciated, and European nobility soon began to enjoy art “chiaroscuro” for their own homes.

The exploits of king Arthur, image of St. John, scene of the adoration of the Magi – a stained glass Windows in the Gothic style, full of contemporary masters, survived both the artistic heritage of those times.

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