Gothic style – Gothic style in the interior

The culmination of the development of medieval European art is restrained mystical Gothic style, which replaced the lush extravagance of the Romanesque style. Bright mosaic stained glass Windows, soaring spires of the needles, the glow of gold, expression, a Symphony of harmonious combination of light, glass and stone – can be figuratively characterized the Gothic style in the interior. The term “Gothic” appeared in Sunny Italy during the Renaissance. So ironically the Romans called the primitive barbaric cultures of the passing into oblivion of the middle ages. First, the word “Gothic” was used in literature when the author wanted to somewhat ironic to denote in the text distorted Latin. Later Gothic became a definite architectural style, which in a nutshell can be called eerily majestic.

To reproduce in modern homes the Gothic style is not so easy, but its individual elements are often used when creating projects of country houses.

The materials used

In the construction of Gothic buildings and their decoration used expensive natural materials:



the wood is oak, pine, spruce, walnut, cedar and juniper.

Decor Gothic home always implies a, so it is decorated with:

tiled with mosaics;

colorful stained-glass Windows;

figureelement or gold-covered stucco;

upholstered in natural leather trunks;

the abundance of bronze and metal fittings.



Rich colors are an integral part of Gothic. The basis of the color design of the Gothic room, usually used concentrated red, brown, yellow, and blue tones. Stylistic accents are gold and silver. While in the interior contrasting elements are great purple, ruby, green or blue-black color.

The main elements

The main attributes of any of the Gothic interior are the wrought-iron spiral staircase, iron fireplace and colorful stained glass art. The spectacular decoration of the walls can be colored artistic glass Windows with internal lightening. Image Gothic roses, lilies, Shamrock, grape leaves or cresciuta on the stained glass Windows or applied to fabric, wood or stone surface are characteristic features of Gothic.

In the era of the dawn of the Gothic style of easel painting and book miniatures were active development. So typical of the Gothic interior are the objects of the Guild of handicraft such as:


stone carving;



metal products;

miniature sculptures made of ivory.


Furniture in the Gothic style

In the interior of the room must be high cupboards and cabinets with double panels, palatial beds and chairs with high backs, imitating architectural fragments medieval castles and magnificent medieval churches.

A special place in the Gothic interior is given boxes, which if necessary can serve as tables, beds and benches. Chests made to put on top of one another, decorating the structure with Lancet arches, so as to get a makeshift closet.

In Gothic desktop should be a pretty deep drawer and greatly extends the table top, the base of which are two feet. And under a hinged countertop can be hidden from prying eyes lots of tiny drawers and compartments.

Massive Gothic furniture, usually made from dark wood, decorated with exquisite carvings and various forged elements.

Walls and ceilings

Gothic ceiling in the room should be high enough, because Gothic is, first and foremost soaring architecture. If required by the design of the PA is simulated ceiling joists, decorated with carvings.

Wall, usually trim wooden panels or decorative stone decorated Gothic painting bright, colorful tiled mosaics and antique tapestries.

Windows and doors

Of course, the huge high Windows, whose walls are only a small frame, multicolor stained glass, game of natural light and a large stained-glass rose-window above the entrance to the room creates a unique “face” of the Gothic. Stained glass Windows, made in the form of Lancet arches, is considered the most recognizable feature of the Gothic style. The door in the Gothic style must be oak and paneled.


Modern Gothic

Neo-Gothic country house


Gothic inspiration

Living room

As you can see, contrary to popular belief, Gothic style is not synonymous with gloom and severity, opposite the Gothic might be bright and light, spirited, irrational, aspiring to spiritual heights. Gothic styling turns an ordinary apartment into a mysterious castle in which the kitchen becomes a laboratory of a magician-alchemist, a dining room, a magnificent Banquet hall, and the usual bedroom luxurious bedchamber.

If you are with a childhood dream to live in a beautiful castle, unleash your imagination and boldly proceed to design experiments.

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