Interesting Gothic buildings in Moscow

The Gothic structure is a special place, danastasia aesthetes can admire ostrokonechniki and other elements. Sometimes you can hear the shuddering touting ghosts. In the capital of Russia there are six places where you can come everyone and experience inhistory romantic srednevekovogo.

In these amazing places we should invite a girl or guy to a meeting to tell the mystical history of these buildings. Such Dating will present many new experiences and will not quickly be erased from memory.

1. The mansion of Baron Andreas knop.

Walking vozrastanie metro “China town” should pay attention to the interesting building, which is located in Kolpachny lane. There had previously been osobnyakov Andreas knop, in the style of “Tudor Gothic”.

Presents the style implies a brick wall, as well as a huge variety of turrets. These buildings were first erected massive fireplaces that were decorated with any interior.

The first presents the owner of the mansion was Ludwig Knop, which rabotala Manager in Britain. He supplied English yarn and textlineinformation local factories.

2. House in Seliverstova lane.

Presents the structure appeared in Russia approximately in 1903 on behalf polkovnichiy. He wanted to build a cottage, after which the buildings were rented. At that time 40 percent of the buildings in the city of Moskva of 1917 was considered profitable. Not to break the tradition and save your own decorating budget is subject exclusively to the main wall of the facade facing the alley. If you enter the courtyard, you can see not very attractive structure.

This difficult task was entrusted to the architect Illiodor Vasilievich Michael, who was able to integrate the Gothic decor of the main FAS with the main shape of the building. Every person who will visit this amazing place, you will be able to enjoy incredible views of the magnificent pillars, Windows rasselbande, andlarge round box in rose shape. It has shaped covers over the main entrance to the building.

3. Gothic Elektrozavod.

Presents a building the end result was villagecinema otherwise. The main idea is the decoration of the facade oknami the form of roses, the construction of high towers on special samples of the medieval town hall. But the construction of this plant was suspended due to the occurrence of revolutionary action. The builders were able to complete the work to 1925, but has not implemented all the ideas about the decoration of the building.

The façade was complemented with a unique Gothic towers, which are now considered to be the “hallmark” of this place. Separate animalistic to pay for the incoming part, which leads to the plant. Outwardly, it resembles a portal of the temple, therefore, there can often be seen curious tourists. Today on this territory, the Russian company which is engaged in manufacturing a variety of modern Electromechanical equipment.

4. Apartment house Y. M. Filatov.

Tourists and visitors can see the unusual style of the medieval architecture in a huge modern building. Even today it attracts its kind, residents of Moscow and other cities. This house was built from 1913 to had the world-famous experienced arhitektorom.E. Dubowski. He was able to build a building that stood out among the various buildings.

After starting it in operation at this place was the variety of siliclastic where projivaniya figures, and cultural workers. After a few years in this area there existed the Ministry of culturists. Today the Central house of the Actor for the quality of the premises, where the offices are located.

5. The Roman Catholic Cathedral.

In the early 90-ies on masteringa Cathedral you can see old and unkempt building. Moscow residents say that the Windows were broken, walls not painted, around legaluser and unnecessary scrap. This place has an old history, so the local authority came to a consensus, and restored the building.

The Roman Catholic Cathedral is considered one of the first Catholic churches that were built on the territory of the Russian Federation. Start of construction is fixed before the revolution in about 1917.Today, the Catholic Cathedral is cebasek visitors who want to come. Regularly, there are a variety of concerts dedicated to classical music. Guests stolitsyi local residents have the opportunity to hear this organ recital, a violin, and legendary works of Vivaldi and Bach.

6. Anglican Church of St Andrew.

The Anglican Church of St. Andreasbrunnen considered unikalnyi unique dostoprimechatelnostey Moscow. This architectural project Richard Neil Riemann, who wanted to build a Victorian building with certain goticheskie. The Church was built in 1870, magdelina at the time the chapel was unable to accommodate all interested guests. Neal Freeman was the main architect who had extensive experience.

On his account there were dozens of buildings, which were located in England. This could include schools, libraries, mansions, and churches. In modern times this Church regularly organ recital, service to parishioners, as well as charity events.

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