Mysterious Kiev: legendary places and their history

Mysterious Kiev: 5 legendary places and their history

Kiev is an ancient city with many mystical stories and mysteries! We present You some very interesting legends, which probably will reveal something new.

1. Bald mountain

One legend says that our land snake interlace, and in the place where it bites its own tail, and is Bald mountain is the most powerful and mystical place on the planet. This hill has seen a variety of stories and events. Rumor has it that the mountain is guarded by ancient guardians, which to this day does not allow any man to touch this place. According to the legend, here was going on the Sabbath the witches, and the devil’s servants performed rituals.

The mountain is divided into three parts, the names of which many people are frightened and are forced to avoid at all cost:

Mermaid Yar;

Witch Yar;

It’s dead grove.

According to rumors, this is the place where all evil and mysterious. Under the Bald Hill are the ruins of this city who keep the place of worship of priests and wizards, treasure kinematische, and abandoned military bases. Like the mountain throws everything it tries to build people.

Coordinates: m. vidubichi, Lysogorskiy descent, Kiev

2. Mystical rosemary

According to legend, this plant was used as a talisman against evil forces. A resident each house was decorated with a small door wreath that was made from rosemary. However, legend says that this plant was used not only benefit, but harm. On special days local witches covens arranged on Bald Mountain, and the rosemary had a special meaning for them. Smoking shavings plants, the witch fell into a trance, which helped her to get to the meeting place.

Even in our time of Ledum can only say that this is really a wonderful plant. Local healers claim that rosemary keeps a powerful energy and has the property to embody the desires in reality. So many people come to this place and tied ribbons on the branches of a plant in the hope that their desires will be fulfilled.

Coordinates: a mountain Got, Andreevsky Spusk, Kiev

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3. Damn benemide

“Damn benemide” – named once one of the Bald mountains (by the way, throughout Kiev 13 of them!), now on its slope funicular.

Once at the top of the mountain was a very beautiful garden, but he had a bad reputation. Kiev legend says that this place flew all the town’s witches and staged a “debriefing” oplossen beginners. This is despite the fact that nearby is St. Michael’s monastery .

4. The fountain of desires

Another popular place for residents and visitors is the “Fountain of desires” . located on the territory of the Mikhailovsky monastery. According to legend, holding in his hand a coin, you need to make a wish and drop it in the water and then try to stick a coin to the fountain. They say if she will be late, before you fall down, Your wish will come true.

Coordinates: trehsvyatitel’skaya St., 6, Kiev

5. The house with chimeras

“House with chimeras” (or “house with the mermaid”) was built by the famous Kiev architect Vladislav Gorodetsky. He was a man of principle and always brought it started to end. Initially the building was intended for profit – rental. Usually at the time the money was invested only in beautiful facade and exterior of the house and the interior decoration is of special importance not attached, but Vladislav was different. He has invested in this house all his soul and created this incredible structure, which is considered to be one of the main attractions of Kiev.

On top of the front of the house you can see giant frogs, rhinos, eagles, elephants, mysterious nymphs and mermaids, antelopes and baleen dolphins, and atop pillars – writhing snakes and lizards.

An interesting sign: make a wish, and if you find a crocodile in the decoration of the house, it will come true .

After the completion of construction on the city started to go different rumors that soon grew into legend. Someone said that Gorodetsky built this house in memory of her dead daughter, and someone claimed that the house was intended for his mistress. The legend of the daughter has become the most popular and seemingly reliable. It said that at a young age because of unrequited love Elena Gorodetskaya rushed to the Dnieper river and drowned. This explains the nautical motifs of the building. Fortunately, this was not true. During the construction of the house and after him, the daughter of the architect was alive and well.

It’s not all mysterious places and legends of Kiev. Stay tuned, we are preparing many more new and interesting!

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