Mystical places of Kiev

The main post office on Maidan Nezalezhnosti . Before the revolution, on the site of the present Post office number 1 lived the bourgeois Dyakonov. In her apartment was a scene of unusual things — the unknown force was moving the furniture around and threw pillows. The woman called the police, and the registered: in the house — poltergeist! So he became almost the first in Europe registered a Ghost. And in 1989 the new portico of the General post office, decorated 13 granite pillars, collapsed on the heads of visitors. 13 people were killed… people say that without the evil forces there has not been.

Gargoyle . The facade of the house on Bolshaya Zhitomirskaya street, 8 decorated with gargoyle — draconiana snake. According to the legend, the creature lived in France, in the Seine river, spewing water over the boat and flooded the house. If you look at the Chimera from the bottom up, it seems that she slyly grins. They say the home owner, tradesman Rogovsky, was fond of the Ouija sessions, and accompanied them in the room next door with a mythical creature.

Richard’s Castle . This is the house number 15 on Andrew descent. The castle was built in the early XX century. The owner of a site, the contractor Orlov, died in few years after construction. New residents are unable to live in this building — from the vent pipe came the bloodcurdling howl, which decided that the house is cursed and haunted by ghosts. Was that strange sounds came from an ordinary egg shell,put in the ventilation shaft-setters for what they have not paid for the work.

Castle hill . It is also located on Andreevsky descent. The most mysterious place on the mountain — cemetery of Florovsky monastery, which appeared there in 1816. Buried here and after 1935 (and there is post-war graves). One legend tells that an old nun, bringing order to the cemetery, just a few hours turned into a young girl. But for questions not answered, mysteriously ottalkivayas, and then suddenly disappeared.

The old Kiev mountain . Located at the intersection of three streets: St. Vladimir, the tithe and Andriyivsky descent. The place where originally was Prince Kiy, the founder of Kiev. No wonder there is a stone: “Otkuda gatherings is the Russian land”. Bioenergy believe that part of the mountains, which is closer to the foundations of the tithe Church, has negative energy and is unsafe to walk there, but the opposite is not just favourable, but also is a great place for making important decisions.

Green theatre . About it ever heard, or have been there, or even visited the club (in the summer season in theatre often hold nightly activities). Here once stood the fortress, and today the former wall trained climbers. Despite the long history of this place, should pay attention to the mystical side of the Green theatre, where, according to rumors, is one of the strongest anomalous zones not only in Kyiv but all over Ukraine. Energy background there is 2500 speakers. By the way, this is about the same as in the pyramid of Cheops. In the catacombs of the Green theatre should not go – can’t find your way back. There is a small underground passage out of the dungeons, unfortunately, very neglected. Call it a stroke of Rattler.

Sulimovka . Another no less mysterious place in Kiev – the building on the Lutheran, 16. In the last century it was called “Sulimovka” – in honor of the first owner. Merchant Sulima mortgaged the house and died suddenly. Fighting broke out between the heirs over the ownership of the house, which, incidentally, was still unfinished. When the building became to be called a full house, people began to notice the Windows on the top floor of a mysterious white figure. Rumor has it that at night from the attic came the sound of laughter. Over the years the house began to fall away stones, and then the house burned completely, leaving only legends and mystical terrain on which he stood. Even now, when the house burned down, there are unexplained phenomena happen and even death.

Vladimirskaya Gorka — bioenergy claim that this point on the city map, through which passes the energy tunnel between the earth and the Cosmos. So, on Vladimir’s hill you can absorb the healing energy of the Cosmos. But the stories that in the place of the statue of St. Vladimir in pre-Christian period, pagan temples, not true. They were on the site of the present historical Museum at St. Vladimir, 2. Although the view from the hill is beautiful and without the intervention of supernatural forces.

Bald mountain on Vidubichi is one of the most famous mystical places not only in Ukraine but all over the world – Naddniprianske is located between the motorway and the Avenue of Science. According to popular belief, there has long been gathered on the Sabbath is evil. Actually, the so-called bald mountains in Ukraine, many are the places where the ancient Slavs worshipped pagan gods. A natural elevation of land suitable for this purpose is better, because they were closer to the most important pagan God – the Sun. Well, so nothing prevents the practice of religion, growing on the mountain the trees were cut down and stumps uprooted – that became a mountain “bald”. After the adoption of Christianity, these places were chosen for their “activities” the dark forces. There now hold meetings of the Satanists.

Nevertheless Kiev mountain is special. According to an old legend, a globe encircled by a circle a huge and very angry snake. The place where she bites his tail, has great energy, and became to be, and mystical power. And it is on Bald hill in Kyiv. There is another legend, according to which, the Tatar-Mongols had hidden in local caves fleeing their invasion of Kiev. Is it any wonder that this place has such strong positive and negative energy. They say that the hidden wishes will come true.

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