Review of Great Wall Badaling


Stunning views from the wall, great construction in the history of China


it’s hard to walk 1 km uphill, a very steep climb to the top, very high prices on the spot for drinks and Souvenirs

When in September I went to Beijing, the tour of the “Great wall” was one of the most anticipated, because to see one of the seven “wonders of the world” should try every person.

You go on this excursion for quite a long time, about an hour since the wall itself is located outside the city, and Chinese beliefs from the town there is only one road for exit from the North side because on perimetre the city is surrounded by mountains and the Chinese believed that from the North to the city attack is unlikely.

Long way to the wall brightened the stunning views from the bus window on the mountains:

Immediately upon arrival at the place the guide invited our group to take a group photo for memory, which was decorated in a colorful album with a description of the Chinese wall, and there is a certificate that you climbed the wall – it costs 100 yuan. Going on this tour please note:

1. Necessarily take with itself a headdress because in Sunny weather, the head strongly was hot.

2. Bring water because mesteceni on drinks up to 5 times higher than in the city.

3. The height of the steps on the wall when the lift reaches 30 cm.

4. I have to walk uphill about 1 km and then 1 km to go down and all this on foot.

5. Do not drink beer before climbing on the wall because there are no toilets…just at the foot of

Now about the wall. Driving up to the place seen far from the wall the first word that we said was “WOW. “(or in English: Oh. th).

Before entering on the wall is a souvenir market where you can buy magnets, plates and other Souvenirs with the image of the wall. Souvenirs advise you to buy from the foot of the wall because as you ascend the price of these same gifts are growing exponentially and if the foot makes sense to bargain, on the wall a single of the yuan won’t throw off.

At the foot of the wall along the sidewalk, there’s an alley, where the couple leave steeping for the strength of family ties.

The top from the wall offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains, from the top you can enjoy the Beijing, rising above the horizon. During the ascent I was impressed that it was full of foreigners: Indians, French, Italians, Spaniards, Russians, etc. even children and old people with canes slowly, supported by the arms friends and family leaped over a wall.

Descending from the wall after climbing it was a feeling that did something important in my life and I got to see the wonder of the world, which is more than 5000 years.

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