Secrets of the Kiev caves

It is estimated that there are approximately 200 cave structures, the total length of which nobody knows. This and ancient monasteries, and underground labyrinths of Kyiv fortresses, caves and traps. The origin of some still not installed.


From time immemorial well-known legend about the great and powerful Serpent, the Dragon dwelling in the cave somewhere on the outskirts of Kiev . To pay off him, residents gave the monster the most beautiful girls. Some researchers strongly argue that Snakes actually existed! And the cave is almost in the heart of the city.

Together with the Vice-President of the club “national secrets” candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences Alexey Glazing we go to snake rookery. We pass a few hundred meters down the slope Current near the street of Frunze, and Leont’ev points to the cave on top of a hill.

– It is the home of the Serpent, explains glass. – Twenty years ago the cave was filled to thrill seekers climbed into it.

Leont’ev argues that the history of the legendary places associated several deaths. These people tried to access the secret cave.

One of them is the famous Kyiv cave Explorer Ayvazyan – went through the cave from beginning to end. It turned out to be not more than sixty metrovalencia. A few days later he went on a business trip, and there he hacked to death suddenly gone mad comrade…

Another case occurred with the psychologist Viktor Zagnibeda. He decided to make a film about the cave and even spent the first shooting. But after two or three days for reasons unknown he hung himself.

What kills brave men who dared to penetrate the secrets of the cave? Alexey Steklov has its own version, and linked it with the former dungeon master.

– The creature that lived here was not whom other, as the Lunar demon, said the historian. – Outwardly, he looked like a bundle of energy and fed on human souls. Since then this place – bad energy.


Under ancient Kiev monasteries, archaeologists have found many caves. This well-known monastery of the Far and Near caves, and galleries in Kitaevo, Zoo, Tserkovshina. Archaeologists claim that most of these objects is still not understood. For example, Zverinetsky complex of caves located near the monastery, near the street Michurina, only little is known.

– Caves represent an ancient monastery . date of Foundation of which, unfortunately, is not known, – says head of Department “Kiev underground” Museum of history of Kiev Vladislav woodpeckers. But in the XII century, this underground monastery already existed. The location of the caves is a triangle with a total length of about 150 meters. However, we have reason to believe that this triangle Zverinetsky complex of caves is not limited. There are still unexplored dungeons, and if they were able to explore, we would find intact archaeological material, which would enrich the view of this monastery about the life of people of that time in General. Unfortunately, there is no funding.

Interesting caves are located in the tract Kitaevo – between the streets and Chervonopraporna Kitaevskaya. Created by monks approximately in the XVII century, these underground galleries in the early XX century, suddenly collapsed. Under the heavy layer of earth resting walled in passages, waiting for their explorers.

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