Symmetric system of pyramids and other megalithic structures

Because of the latitude of Tiwanaku and Teotihuacan is not symmetric about the equator, the point of intersection of the lines lies a little North of him. And so, while the whole system is symmetrical only relative to Meridian VP+115° W.

In addition, the image clearly shows that the line t-T and es-in the Northern hemisphere overlap with the 40th latitude in the meridians EAP+155°W and RP+75°W, i.e. between the intersections of 80°, or 2 times at 40°. And the line y-y, intersects the latitude of Easter Island on the Meridian perpendicular to the Meridian EP, i.e. on the Meridian EP+90°.

To make the system symmetric, in opposite hemispheres, will hold the latitude corresponding to the true latitude of Tiwanaku and Teotihuacan, i.e. anti-latitudes of these sites.

Next we construct a line “parallel” source, guiding them through appropriate crossings of latitudes and meridians. These lines form a network that is symmetrical about the equator, and meridians that are multiples of 15 degrees. And the line symmetric to the line y-y, relative to the equator also passes through Stonehenge.

Since the Meridian of Baalbek, differs from the Meridian of the EAP by 5 degrees, and a Meridian perpendicular to him from the Meridian of Tiwanaku to 15°, the Meridian of Baalbek. is also part of this system and a multiple of 15°, is associated with the meridians of Teotihuacan and Tiwanaku.

Meridian Samaipata.differs from the Meridian of Tiwanaku, just as the Meridian of Baalbek from the Meridian EP, i.e. at 5° East longitude. And lat Samaipata has the value of 18°10′, and therefore shares its Meridian according to the pentagram. In the system we are considering, latitude Samaipata lies between the latitudes of Teotihuacan and Tiwanaku, passing through the intersection of lines identical to the original. Therefore, we can say that the whole system is tied to the equator and the poles according to the pentagram.

Slightly changing the angle, we find that all lines have been entered in the latitude of Stonehenge. Thus, the latitude of all four of the original objects involved in this symmetric system, built from the zero Meridian VP. But that’s not all regularities associated with the unique location of the most famous structures on the planet.

Now connect all vertices of the original convex rectangle with a dot Stonehenge, i.e. draw a line connecting Teotihuacan, Tiwanaku and Easter Island to Stonehenge.

The azimuth of the line of Teotihuacan – Stonehenge, Teotihuacan in point, according to Google Earth is $ 39.33°, i.e., almost 40°, and the distance is exactly 8800 km or 79.1° in angular terms. On Easter island the direction of Stonehenge has the value of 44.57°, about 45°, and in Tiwanaku, the azimuth of Stonehenge is equal to 35.2°. From the Tiwanaku Stonehenge is 9900 km or 89°. Thus, the distance from Stonehenge to Teotihuacan and Tiwanaku differ by exactly 10°, and the values of the azimuths of 15°.

At the point of Stonehenge is the angle in between Teotihuacan and the OP is 23° with an accuracy of 3 tenths, and the angle between the directions OP and Tiwanaku at Stonehenge is exactly equal to 23°. Thus, the line of Stonehenge – Stonehenge and Tiwanaku – Teotihuacan is symmetrical relative to the line of Stonehenge – OP with accuracy up to 3 hundredths.

On the Northwest coast of Peru is a mysterious object called Chankillo. The facility is an artificial hill, and is fortified with triple walls, with a height of several meters.

Keeping in shape, surrounded by double walls two circles and a rectangular building in the center of the hill. North side of the complex is oriented on the axis North-South.

But Chankillo researchers have found numerous astronomical regularities associated with the construction. In addition, Chankillo is a beautiful landmark that is remarkably visible, even from a very great height. This property most likely is the main purpose of the complex.

Interestingly, in the Tiwanaku, the line intersecting at a right angle, mark the angles of the walls of the two temples. And the line of Stonehenge, Tiwanaku and passes through a corner of the temple in Puma Punku.

The distance between Stonehenge and the OP is 13500 km, or 121° arc of the globe, and the direction, as mentioned the value is 44.57°. If you draw a line from Easter island with exact azimuth of 45°, it will pass through the so-called Chervontsi stone circle. located 155 miles from Stonehenge. In this case, the distance from the platform of Ahu Tahai on Easter island to this circle, is 13 363 km, or exactly 120°. Thus, OP Chervontsi and stone circle are located relative to each other according to the hexagram.

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