The most interesting places in Mallorca

The most interesting places in Mallorca.

Mallorca is very developed in terms of tourism. Largely on the attractiveness of the island is influenced by its wonderful nature. Although the island itself and not the same large size, but there are a large number of natural national parks, more than forty nature reserves. Strikingly it combines sea, mountain rocks, trees, valleys and numerous coves with clear waters…

From the mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana, the highest point Puig Major- more than four thousand meters above sea level – open to classic mountain paintings. Here, in this mountainous part of the island, is a small beautiful town of Valldemossa, Deia and Soller. In the North of the island, except the mountain beauty, stretching for hundreds of miles, and also the superb beaches such as Port de Soller harbour Sa-Capable and Tuen. In the South of the island the climate is more dry and hotter, here is situated the most beautiful beaches – es Trenc. SES-Covetes beach Montego and the harbour of Figuera. If You go to the Eastern part of Mallorca, in addition to the small harbours that have preserved until today the original beauty – Mesquida, Agulla and Cake – will have the opportunity to visit such interesting places as the caves of DRAC . where there is a large underground lake and cave Art in Canyamel and AMC – in Portocristo .

There are on the island and drugabana territory tourism – North-East, there are major harbour of Pollensa and Alcudia. The main point of the visit is Pollensa, stop here people connected with art and creativity – painters, actors. Located in the port brings together “the cream of the crop” from all over the world, it is a cosmopolitan centre of Mallorca. The “must-see” is the Harbor of San vicenç and the Formentor Peninsula .

In Alcudia you can look at sbaraglia well to this day, the amphitheatre and the ancient Roman city of the period Palencia . In the large harbour of Alcudia are wonderful beaches. The main tourist resorts here – it’s a Dream Serra de Marina, Colonia de Sant Pera and Kan Picafor. There is also the natural Park of Albufera – among others five, located in the Balearic Islands.

Among visitors popular travel: tours of the ancient sites of the island, primarily in Santa Ponsa, where the liberation of Mallorca from the Moorish yoke, the Carthusian monastery in Valldemossa – lived there at the time Frederic Chopin with George sand, walking through the caves of Drach and hams .

To control the flat regions of the island, the Arabs have erected the castles of alaró, pollença and Felanitx . The alaró castle, from the walls you can see the largest island harbour – bahía de Acudia and bahía de Palma and the mountains of the Sierra de Tramuntana.

The main attractions of the island

The court – Hall in Palma

The building was built according to Baroque style, includes a large number of items (1649-1680 years).


The Cathedral in Palma is a fine example of the Gothic style of the Mediterranean region, but also the main attraction on the island of Mallorca. Its construction began in the thirteenth century, when the island was liberated from the Muslims. Work on the construction lasted more than three centuries. World famous architect Antoni Gaudi was also involved in the reconstruction of the building.

Bellver Castle

This building dates back to the sixteenth century. The castle represents the only Gothic building in Spain, round shaped. It is located on a hill located outside the city. It offers a wonderful picture of the Gulf. These days it hosts the town’s Historical Museum.

La Lonja – Trading exchange

This exchange represents the building of the civil purpose in the Gothic style, built in the sixteenth century. Today it houses the center for fine art exhibitions. It is open for visits only during these events.

The Palace Almudaina

Nowadays, there is a national Heritage Museum. This building is an ancient Palace of the monarchs of the island. Now, when the Royal family is in Mallorca, in the Palace hold a formal reception on behalf of Juan Carlos the First. This is an ancient Arab fortress, which was subjected to the Gothic reconstructions in the sixteenth century.

The old train from Palma to Soller

You have a great opportunity to drive along mountain roads and through tunnels on an old train, watching the panoramic scenery. This route is one of the most popular for tourists traveling independently.

Miramar and Sleep Maroc

Dejah is far from a place called Miramar. Santiago Rusiñol, describing in the book “Island of tranquility”, these places nearly a century ago, indicates that Miramar is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. He wrote that on our earth there are few places where reigns such perfect quiet and the beauty of the landscapes, which the traveller may here contemplate… Since most of these territories on the North of the island has not undergone significant changes.

The nature reserve of Sa Dragonera

Though actually this natural reservation of the island is called Sa Dragonera, named one island, but it contains also small island Pantaleu, and Els Calafats Illa Mitjana.

Nature reserve mondragó

This Park covers an area of 785 hectares, it was declared a reserve in 1992. It is especially interesting for lovers of flora and fauna, and in these places there is a lovely harbour where you can swim in the clear clean water.

The Cape and the lighthouse of Formentor

If You will cross the island in the direction South-North, you will find yourself in a small Bay of Puerto de Pollensa. Then, climbing the serpentine road to the top, You reach cap de Formentor. There are specially equipped mountain observation deck that offers fabulous panoramic views of mountains and sea expanse, and visible a wild island the Colomer. Here also is the beach, which is famous for its clear water and fine sand.

The caves on the island

In ancient period these places were the natural haunts, and today many tourists admire the charm of nature’s masterpieces, the shapes that were created by water over the centuries…

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