The most mysterious places in the Czech Republic

Not everyone knows that the Czech Republic is a mysterious, and sometimes strange places, about which they say in the tourist brochures. For example, in one of the cities of the Czech Republic have a terrible intersection that is similar to the “Bermuda triangle” because there were repeatedly missing people, trucks and animals.

Most guides featuring local attractions, will not tell you that, for example, in the Central hall of the Museum the locals every evening to see the Ghost of an old monk. Interesting and mysterious place is Trosky. This fortress is located in a nature reserve called “Czech Paradise”. According to historical sources, first data on this structure appeared in 1396. However, scientists are confident that it was built much earlier. Also remains a mystery is the origin of the fortress. Some experts say that it was built by the commander of the Royal troops Cinecom Wartenberger, others that it was erected one of a Bohemian magnate in memory of his deceased wife. Others say that since the beginning here was built a Royal castle, from which only the tower. Maybe it was because around the fortress you can see many ruins. And the name of this old building that translates from Czech as “ruins”. If you climb to the top of the fortress,almost the entire Czech Republic can be seen at a glance. In addition, such beauty you will not see anywhere..

Now, if this fortress just see nothing supernatural in it will not see the tower-like tower. But it is enough to approach the building, you immediately shut down and stops to catch mobile, pager and other equipment, and the mechanical clock will stop and will stop running. Car, driving up to this place abruptly stop, and the engine stops working. So you can get here only by foot.

In one small Czech villages — Rough Jesenik, there is a place called “the rocks of Petra”. Eyewitnesses claim that at certain times after midnight here, gather your coven witches, wizards and other representatives of black magic. They hold their ceremonies and sacrifice animals. In one of the cities of Czech Republic to Hradec Jindrichuv has a castle with a Ghost the white lady, which sometimes comes out to curious tourists, frightening them. In Prague in the building of the synagogue comes to life every night clay figurine, which is the epitome of the mythical character of the Golem. And in the city of Kounov there are more than 2500 000 stones, the origin and purpose of which is still unknown.

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