The structure of the Worlds in Buddhism

Know, sons of the Victorious, these three worlds is only mind.

Victorious not based its teachings upon faith in the correctness of any one system, but taught according to needs and abilities of those who led.

The Buddha told Ananda. “Whereupon are the heaven of Yama, Tushita, and all the heavens of the world of forms and the world without forms?” Ananda replied: “They approved the inconceivable power of karma.”

Many Buddhist texts written on the basis of the experience obtained through the practice of Right Samādhi and the attainment of Wisdom, contain descriptions of the various worlds of the universe. These texts give the leash a simple interpretation of the content of the worlds, because it is too large for a detailed description and would take a huge amount, losing ease of understanding. The Buddha talked about a detailed explanation of the worlds of the universe “. it is pointless to talk about such things with people who do not have relevant experience”.

When something is served which is unusual for you, you may have many doubts. For example, when you make an offering mandala, you say that you are offering the universe, which consists of the axial mountain, surrounded by four great continents, each of which adjoins two of the subcontinent and so on. You may think that it’s a pretty strange description, because nobody ever just didn’t see it. But the Buddha said in the Sutra that the manner in which living beings perceive the world, depends on their karma and what not to say,if one description of another more authentically. Even our planet Earth can be perceived in many different ways: some see it flat, others are spherical, some as linear, even someone as triangular and so on, according to the different karmic dispositions. Axial mountain, the four continents and so forth, as described in the mandala offering, is also one of the possible perceptions of the world. During the offering of the mandala you think hold the Three Jewels the best of all that exists: the most beautiful images, most melodious sounds, the best smells, and the like. For the same reason you hold a particular model of the universe, because it is believed that it reflects the most perfect of all possible ways of seeing the world, the most harmonious and beautiful. Obviously, this is not to deny the possibility of describing earth as a spherical planet, once people see her like that. It’s relatively true. If a hundred people sleep, each dream their own world, every dream can be called true, but it would be a lie to say that only in someone’s dream world is real and all others false. Each observer has his own truth, in accordance with the karmic structure that lead to its perception.

For the yogi the knowledge of the structure of the universe enables a more complete understanding of the law of karma – what actions of body, speech and mind lead to birth in any worlds, as well as to a deeper understanding of what the result of different lead systems, and spiritual practices.

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