Underground secrets of rock petroglyphs


Speaking of “painted rocks” on Tom, we usually remember the Tomsk pisanyza. But it is only the first of eight located on this site. For forty-seven kilometers down stream of the Tom river here there’s a cave with petroglyphs arrays: Novoromanovskaya I and II, Cool I and II, the Hanging Stone, Nicholas, and closes ensemble Totalsa Pisanitsa. Doctor of historical Sciences Igor Kovtun says: “This last is a rocky massif on the Bank of the river Tom is also the last North-Western the location of rock paintings in Central and northwestern Asia. Further, to the Urals, nothing like that no more…”

Why here?

What attracted our ancestors this place?

On one of the sections of its flow Tom as if making a circle, changing course and contrary to common in Siberia from South to North – begins to flow from North to South. In the myths of many Siberian peoples to the South associated location of the Upper world, the dwelling of light forces, rebirth after death. It is in this place and is Novoromanovskaya Pisanitsa.

In this section, the trajectory turning Tom just repeats the day digeneans semicircle across the sky, corresponding to the modern movement clockwise from left to right. There is a version that in the end of the second Millennium BC is a unique place was a kind of Tibet for our ancestors. And therefore sought here by the ancient artist-shamans. It can be trusted, and can be treated with skepticism, but the fact that the pictures appeared exactly in this place – a fact that is hard to dispute.

It seems that archaeologists found the complexes not the last. Not so long ago, right over a rock with petroglyphs on the rocks was the encampment of hunters on elk with traces of sacrificially-serving ritual meals, and on the opposite shore, at the mouth of Long river, is the remains of another location of ancient people. And here, on Tom, less than a kilometer away is still intact burial mound. In 2009-2011 the staff archeologists of the Institute of human ecology SB RAS under the guidance of Alexei marochkina unearthed here in the cultural layer “Parking hunters” rocky ledge, where I found a picture of a boat. Found on the Novoromanovskaya Pisanitsa and symbolic burial in a stone box – the Cenotaph…

Another amazing fact. All complexes Pritomsky the petroglyphs are located strictly at 85 Meridian.

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